Where data and biology meet

The Greene Lab is a team of researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine dedicated to answering important questions in biology and medicine with computation. We focus on bringing together publicly available big data, developing new computational methods to analyze that data, and creating tools to put those resources into the hands of every biologist.


Biology + AI → insight

We use data science to answer important questions in biology and medicine. In all of our research, we prioritize transparency, rigor, and reproducibility.

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Open source, all the way

We believe that anyone around the world should be able to use and extend our work. We push to make software, tools, datasets, etc. that are freely available and openly licensed.

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The next generation of data scientists

We are a team of enthusiastic researchers that want to push the frontier of data science. We strive to build an inclusive environment for research, and recognize the value of diversity in the process of discovery.

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