Our lab is made up of a highly engaged and collaborative team of researchers. We recognize that diverse teams do better research. We foster an environment where team members are treated equally, and where we respect and admire our differences. The team includes postdocs, students at all levels, staff, and our lab mascots.

Casey Greene Casey Greene
Halie Rando Halie Rando
Milton Pividori Milton Pividori
Natalie Davidson Natalie Davidson
Steven Foltz Steven Foltz
Taylor Reiter Taylor Reiter
Ariel Hippen Ariel Hippen
Ben Heil Ben Heil
Jake Crawford Jake Crawford
Vincent Rubinetti Vincent Rubinetti
Ace Ace

We work with a wide range of outstanding groups from around the world, and we’re always on the lookout for new and unique perspectives. We want to push the frontier of data science and train the next generation of data scientists.

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Gone but never forgotten. These are past lab members who have moved on to the Childhood Cancer Data Lab, other school programs, new jobs, or elsewhere. They have all made lasting contributions to science and to our hearts. ❤️

Daniel Himmelstein Daniel Himmelstein
Jaclyn Taroni Jaclyn Taroni
Qiwen Hu Qiwen Hu
Yoson Park Yoson Park
Alex Lee Alex Lee
Brett Beaulieu-Jones Brett Beaulieu-Jones
David Nicholson David Nicholson
Greg Way Greg Way
Jie Tan Jie Tan
Amy Campbell Amy Campbell
Irene Song Irene Song
Kathy Chen Kathy Chen
Lamonica Shinholster Lamonica Shinholster
Michael Zietz Michael Zietz
Mulin Xiong Mulin Xiong
Olivia Cheng Olivia Cheng
Roshan Ravishankar Roshan Ravishankar
Timothy Chang Timothy Chang
Dongbo Hu Dongbo Hu
Kurt Wheeler Kurt Wheeler
Matt Hyuck Matt Hyuck
René Zelaya René Zelaya
Doodle Doodle
Magnus Magnus
Myshkin Myshkin
Sophie Sophie
Tesla Tesla


Our work is made possible by funding from several organizations.