Join the Team

You can learn a bit about working in the lab by reading our onboarding document. Positions across our Department of Biomedical Informatics, including in our lab, for staff and postdocs are usually listed on the employment section of the DBMI website.

Postdoctoral Researchers

The Greene Lab welcomes applications for computational postdoctoral positions at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Learn about these opportunities through our recent Post-Doctoral Fellow posting, and applications can only be accepted through the CU Anschutz Taleo Portal.

Graduate Students

The University of Colorado has both an umbrella program and discipline-specific ones. The umbrella program is the Biomedical Sciences Program. Our primary program affiliation is the University of Colorado’s Computational Biosciences Program. We are also excited to welcome students who want to pursue computational research from other graduate programs on a case-by-case basis.

Our goal is to help our students develop both a deep familiarity with the computational methods required for data-intensive science and a strong understanding of one or more biological application areas. We provide training in all aspects through group meetings, individual meetings, and a supportive lab environment.

If you have not yet joined one of the PhD programs above, the first step to joining our group is to apply and be admitted to one of these programs. If you are already a PhD student in one of the above programs and are interested in rotating in our lab, please contact Casey to set up a time to discuss your interest.


We work with programmers at DBMI’s software engineering team to bring research products to practice. Visit their website to learn about opportunities on the team.

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